Stand out among your competitors with Aumeo’s tailored audio technology


Tailored audio will wow your customers

The next audio revolution is here. Whether you are a headphone brand, a speaker manufacturer or a music player, tailored audio is the new frontier of audio. Aumeo’s firmware and software solutions were developed for our partners to stand out from their competitors. Our tailored audio solution will help you attract new users and please them so much that they will never want to switch to other products again. 


We offer more than tailored audio

Our expertise is in imagining the future of audio and developing solutions to help our partners stand out from the crowd. Delight your customers with presets that enhance their listening experience in their environments or for their favorite music genres, or allow them to easily adjust your products’ EQ settings with a simple user interface. Also stay tuned for more innovations to come!


Partnering with us is easy

  1. Aumeo is available as a firmware on Qualcomm CSR’s 8670 series, and is an official eXtension partner for CSR.
  2. Aumeo can also develop custom solutions using our proprietary algorithms and our software libraries, which will allow hardware makers to easily implement Aumeo.
  3. Aumeo is also available as a bluetooth DSP module for new products.


Secured, patented technology

We have been working to develop a tailored audio solution since 2010, and our inventors have published 6 peer-reviewed papers in renowned journals. Our self-managed hearing transformation process is patented in the US, China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan.