It has been days since we finished inspecting and upgrading all Aumeos.  However, the paper work is still in progress for them to come back.  For backers wanting more detail, and wondering why it takes so long, let me try to explain more here.

1. We finished the work by our own team members last week.

2. The factory re-package everything and into the shipping boxes.  The factory had to order more stickers and tapes due and that caused a little of delay.

3. Documentation has to be done for the goods to come back to Hong Kong. This is complicated because it involves things like tax, import & export processes.  

4. Arrangement of lorry to transport from factory floor in China, to warehouse in Hong Kong.

5. Inspection of Aumeos on the number of items etc has to be done for paperwork issue.

6. We transport the Aumeos to our shipper, fulfill all the export document requirements and ship them!

We are currently in step 4.