Hi guys, we have more details after last week's update:

Shipping Status

We've shipped 440 units out to our first backers. Many are still in transit. A lot of the comments on the board mention their packages are in Netherlands. Rest assured it's just a midway stop and they are still on their way, and please let us know when you receive it and what you think of Aumeo!

We did however halt shipment because of this:

Good and Bad Feedback

We began receiving feedbacks - some you can see on our comments board and others tagging us on Facebook. I am happy to report that most backers are delighted by the build quality and sound enhancement. The product and technology works beautifully and I can't wait to hear more from all of you!

But there are bad news. Some units have the one or both of the following problems:

  1. battery not charging; can be fixed by firmware upgrade
  2. sticky Aumeo button; has to be returned to factory due to their QC/workmanship

The sticky button is a big issue because it is a workmanship issue and can only be fixed by sending back to the factory. The occurrence rate is beyond what we can accept so we spent some time negotiating with the factory and we agreed to open all the remaining 2,400 boxes, find the sticky ones and return them for fixing.

In the process we are going to upgrade the firmware for the good ones (solves battery charging issue and also improve sound quality) and will resume sending them out starting the week of April 25th.

I realize this sounds like yet another excuse in delaying shipping and it is painful for me to write this instead of sharing the happy reviews. It is however the right thing to do. It is a few weeks longer but trust me, you don't want a sticky button no matter how soon it shows up in your hands.

"What if my shipped Aumeo has a sticky button or it doesn't charge?"

Running out of my 2500 char limit so forgive my brevity:

1.     Sticky button ones will be shipped back to us for free for fixing (return address TBA)

2.     Battery issue is fixed by a firmware upgrade which takes just 5 minutes. Let us know if you have this issue and we will walk you through it

Thank you for your patience

 I can't stress how lucky our team is. It's the Internet and I expect to be shredded alive whenever I have bad news but you guys have been understanding and supportive. We will work this through and every one of you will taken care of. If you have any concerns or questions please as always send to support@aumeoaudio.com