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In our last blog post we had a summary on the unique features of Heari, our upcoming wireless neckband.  Now I’d like to focus on our most unique features that really enhances your hearing experiences, almost like having a new pair of ears.  I am talking about our patent-protected Tailored Audio and Audio Transparency.


Tailored Audio

This is the foundation of Aumeo.  Everybody - every ear - hears differently because we are human and not machines.  However a song or movie can only be have 1 production cut, tuned to sound good for the average ear.  Aumeo’s Tailored Audio turns this one-size-fits-all situation into for-your-ears-only.

The user first goes through a measurement process that is clinically proven to be up to 97% accurate.  The result is used to fine tune audio to best fit your hearing - analogous to how glasses sharpen images for your sight.  Depending on your hearing, It can work magic for you. Just ask music producer Andrew Huang.

Aumeo’s Tailored Audio will be a core feature for Heari.



Audio Transparency

Have you ever wanted superhuman hearing?  Imagine able to highlight just the person talking with you in a noisy restaurant, or pick out the sound of approaching cars while you run.  That is Heari’s Audio Transparency.

Heari has a set of 3 built-in microphones that work in concert to capture sound from your environment.  The front mic is unidirectional, designed to focus on your front and pick up face-to-face conversation .  The back mic is omnidirectional, able to scan and highlight sounds from behind you. The 3rd mic sits comfortably close to your face to listen to whatever you have to say without literally getting in your face.

On top of that, we are adding expertly crafted and tested audio algorithms to let you control what sounds to highlight in different situations.  Combining that with Tailored Audio, you are in for a real-world listening experience like never before.


Sounds good, but will it sound good?

That’s probably the “best worst” sub-heading I’ve ever wrote but I couldn’t help myself :)  What I mean is all that space-age tech still depend on good-old audio components like drivers and earbud choice to shine.  Fear not my friends! We will dive right into those next time, and I am confident you will be pleasantly surprised!