Heari - the neckband headphones for your online and offline life

Last time I summed up the insights and feedback you all gave us on our Aumeo device, and this time it’s finally time to tell you about our next star - the Heari neckband headphones!


Who is Heari for?

Simply put, Heari is for people who want the Aumeo device built into a pair of wireless headphones.  But it is also soooo much more! Let me count the ways...


Tailored Audio

Tailored Audio

AUMEO: World’s 1st Tailored Audio Device.  That’s the innovation that put us on the map.  Tailored Audio is our patent protected, clinically proven hearing measurement technology that optimizes audio based on each individual ear’s hearing abilities, similar to how glasses adjusts light so each eye can see sharply.  Tailored Audio is built right into the Heari to make sure you hear every note the way it’s supposed to be enjoyed.


audio transparency.png

Audio Transparency

This is by far the most requested feature from our customers.  They love the way Tailored Audio improves their music, and they’d love to do the same for their real life, “offline” experiences.  Live concert, face-to-face conversations, a walk in the autumn woods. Audio Transparency is exactly that!


driver choice white 64.png

Exceptional Headphone Driver (Choice of Single or Dual)

Headphone drivers are the crucial to the quality of sound in any headphones.  To make sure Heari has the best sound in its class we worked for almost a year to source and tune our headphone drivers.   In the end we found 2 winners - a single driver with rich, full sound, and a dual driver that delivers exceptional sweetness and clarity at all frequencies.  We decided to offer both as a choice for you! We will publish more details on these drivers very soon.

mmcx white 64.png

MMCX (Our earbuds are swappable!)

If you are like me, sometimes the “freedom of choice” makes me second-guess my decisions.  To make sure you can have your cake and eat it too, selected models of Heari will support MMCX, short for Micro Miniature CoaXial.  It is a connector standard that allows the user to swap the earbuds, you can switch between all our earbuds, future or present.  What’s more, premium brands like Shure also adopts the MMCX standard, so you can even try on your Shure earbuds with our neckband with Aumeo technology!


The Best Bluetooth DSP with aptX & 24-bit Audio

Heari is powered by CSR 8675, the most advanced, premium Bluetooth DSP chip by Qualcomm.   This chip is used only in the most premium wireless headphones. Same with Heari. This means the Heari neckband will support aptX and 24-bit audio, the best any wireless headphones could offer.

wireless freedom white 64.png

Wireless Freedom | Next-to-Weightless | Advanced Circuitry & Microphones

We put a lot of thought into the form factor of Heari.  We love the wireless neckband because:

  • Enough space on the band to pack sophisticated circuitry for optimal audio performance

  • Ability to put 3 microphones to provide the best Audio Transparency experience

  • Most of the weight is in the neckband and distributed across your shoulders, so your ears will only feel the scant 13g of the earbuds

all day battery white 64.png

All Day Battery

The neckband form factor also allows us to put in a big fat battery and supply at least 10 hours of operation.  So you can enjoy all that Tailored Audio and Audio Transparency all day long!


future proof white 64.png

Future-proof with Software Upgrades!

Last but certainly not least, we have designed Heari to receive software upgrades.  Features that cannot make the production deadline will have a chance to make it after all!


More Details Every Week

I will be doing more in-depth write ups for each of these features in the coming weeks.  So stay tuned (pun)!