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Can the test tones in Aumeo’s audio profile creation go even lower in volume?

It’s been a few days since we released AumeoPlayer Beta! Thanks to everybody for the great feedback.
Now we’ve been getting a lot of user reports, and some users have asked us:
“I can hear all the tones at their lowest volume when I was creating my audio profile! Can you lower the volume so I can have a more tailored experience?”

Firstly we would like to congratulate everyone whose ears are very sensitive, and can hear all the tones even at their lowest levels!
If you’re wondering why the tones are set at the volume they’re at now, it’s because the digital processing of the sound data inside the mobile phone’s processing engine also processes volume digitally. This can be confirmed in the source code of Android firmware.

There is nothing wrong with this type of processing in a phone’s normal daily use, but it presents certain limitations in Aumeo’s case. If AumeoPlayer asks the firmware to output a signal in a volume below a certain level, the sine waves would become square waves.  In other words, distortion would then occur and the audio profile’s results would be less accurate.
Trust us: the volume range of the audio profile’s output has been the subject of a long and painful debate during research and development. To test things and make sure our audio profiles are accurate we had to lock ourselves inside a sound chamber in complete silence for hours on end!
Ultimately after many rounds of testing, we settled on the volume range we have now for our audio profile creation process. Accuracy comes first, after all.

But wait. What does that mean for people with more sensitive ears? Would Aumeo the device have the same problem? 
Fortunately, the answer is no, and it is one of the major reasons why we are making a piece of hardware instead of just making audio-tailoring software.  With Aumeo the device we could control the output digitally and also analogly in multiple stages, so we can make sure perfect waves can be produced without distortion.
In summary, with Aumeo the device, we should be able to provide better audio-tailoring for more sensitive ears than with just the app alone. (Unless you have superhuman hearing abilities, in which case please report to the nearest science lab, thanks.)
Andy Cheng
CTO / Dev lead

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Bugs noted in first 12 hours of AumeoPlayer Beta release

Thanks to everybody who have given us feedback, we've identified the following bugs and are taking action:


User cannot register for account

  • For those who couldn’t login and got the errors that user name already taken or database cannot find email, we’ve fixed the bug so you should be able to register now.
  • For the couple of users who have had network connection timeout errors, our dev team is currently investigating the issue.
  • For users who have just pre-ordered Aumeo, please note that due to Indiegogo’s set up it takes our system 24 hours to add you to our database. You should be able to register with your email 24 hours after your order. Thank you for your patience!

Muddy sound / only sound in one ear after Aumeo effect is applied

Our dev team is currently working on this bug so we can fix it in our next app update, but in the meantime there is a workaround for until our app update:

  1. Tap on the menu button
  2. Choose an audio profile
  3. Tap on apply
  4. Try listening to music with the new profile

App crashing during startup for a number of users

This is a high-priority item for us and our dev team is working at full speed to fix this. If you have the same problem, we’d really appreciate it if you can email us at info@aumeoaudio.com with your phone’s model and OS version, so our team can pinpoint the problem faster.

Typo in iOS and error message

We've got some sharp-eyed funders! These will be fixed in our next update.

There are also other bugs that are not as widespread or urgent as the ones above, and for those we are dealing with on an individual basis.



We're gathering as much feedback as possible to fix the above bugs, so we can start on other features and improvements. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please email them to info@aumeoaudio.com. We really appreciate it!

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